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Since the beginning of time, humanity has used sound to not only communicate among one another, but to also transform and heal each other and the planet that we call Earth. At one point in time we not only understood our connection with all life, including our Mother Earth, we knew that we were a part of her. We understood that what we did affected the planet and not just on a physical level, but that it was our thoughts changed the vibration of the world around us! The healing power of OM reconnects us to that memory of oneness!! 

Between religious literature and scientific theories there exists a common ground that can be found. Whether it was the spoken word of God that brought life into existence or the Big Bang Theory, there is no doubt that sound is the creative force behind this amazing living and breathing Universe. This creative sound, AUM or OM affects not only on a physical level, but also on an emotional, mental and in subtle levels of our lives – down to the very atoms that make up our beingness!

As a matter of fact, we are in constant vibration. Every molecule that creates our bones, glands, organs – even the blood that flows through our body has it’s own unique vibrational rate. Just as the chakras that govern over each organ, gland and emotion, creating our electromagnetic field or aura will vibrate in harmony to specific areas of the body. These are the points of energy that ultimately create our aura and are just as important to the physical body, in fact, the physical body reflects the health of the aura. The science behind cymatics has proven beyond doubt that sound anywhere near us will create a physical change, and while this change may only be temporary it can be the beginning of very powerful and magical changes within our body!  

When we chant specific mantras we are not only affecting our own energy fields and physical body, we are literally transforming the world around us on a sub-atomic level, changing it’s vibratory rate, increasing the health and well-being of all life. When we chant OM we are connecting into the Primal Sound that created life, that is still vibrating through out eternity giving birth to stars, solar systems and life on our incredible planet! 

OM or AUM actually has three sounds which must be properly enunciated during practice. The first sound “A” represents the beginning (Brahma), the first breath of the infinite energy that became aware of itself. This sound is made by opening the mouth and vibrating the same sound as the “a” in father, in the center of the mouth. This sound creates awareness within our physical body, particularly to the lower chakras. The second sound is “U” and is the sustenance (vishnu) of the physical world, it is the materialization of the void, of nothingness into physical form. This sound transfers the vibration to the back of the throat and is pronounced as the “o” in home. When chanted, this sound connects the physical with the mental, bringing our bodies into awareness of the unconscious world, the world without form. And last but not least, “M” is representative of Shiva, or the integration of Universal Energy into self. It is finished by bringing vibration to the lips, and if done properly there will be a slight buzzing in your third eye chakra. This sound illuminates the deepest levels of our consciousness and our connection to the Divine.

By chanting OM we begin to vibrate within the same frequency, increasing our vibration. This puts us into deeper states of relaxation and consciousness, giving us access to higher realms of existence. You may feel a shift in your vibration and it’s not uncommon to meet with higher dimensional beings, that some may call Angels or Guides.  Chanting AUM on a daily basis will help us become happier, healthier and lighter inside, helping us deal with the stresses of every day life!

Here are 18 benefits to chanting AUM and how it can change your life:

1.     Chanting AUM creates positive vibrations, purifying the environment around us
2.    AUM not only benefits the person chanting it, but everyone within proximity and ultimately the planet as a whole!
3.    It cleanses and heals the aura
4.    It puts you into a state of deep relaxation, altering brain waves inducing different states of consciousness
5.    Increases concentration
6.    Chanting OM removes toxins from your better, giving you immunity and the ability to heal yourself
7.    It helps you focus on whatever your goals may be.
8.    The AUM chant actually improves your voice by giving strength to vocals cords and the muscles around them
9.    The vibration from AUM is felt through your vocal cords and sinuses, clearing your airways!
10.  The AUM mantra has cardiovascular benefits. Through relaxation of body and mind our blood pressure will decrease and our heart will beat with the regular rhythm
11.   Through meditation and chanting, you will have better control over emotions, allowing you to see situations clearly and rationally.
12.  Regular chanting of AUM will take you on an spiritual journey to greater happiness and positivity. We however need to remember that any mantra will not be an over night fix to your problems – you must have patience and the right technique!
13.  When AUM is chanted in a group the effects are amplified, and will produce powerful positive vibrations that will charge up the entire vicinity
14.  Some people have claimed to lose weight through AUM chanting, as it puts your body in a heightened sense of awareness – it’s vibrations are thought to stimulate your metabolism which can lead to weightloss
15.   It has been experienced that rubbing your hands together while chanting AUM and placing your charged hands on different parts of the body will begin to activate or heal those parts!
16.  When your energy charged hands are placed on your eyes, it can help improve your eyesight
17.   It has been experienced that chanting AUM regularly can help cleanse your skin. The massive levels of positive energy that are happening internally literally affects us from the inside out, affecting our skin, giving us a radiant glow!
18.  Your spinal cord is also strenghtened by the vibration of the sound Aaaaa. Because this sound is generated from the abdomen, it helps strengthen supporting muscles of your spinal cord



Tibetan Singing Bowls produce a deep relaxation invoking sound that naturally assists one into entering an optimal state of meditation. In which the ultimate goal is to find enlightenment within yourself. They are a quintessential aid to meditation. These bowls are found on monasteries all across the world, private temples, and Buddhist altars.

The Tibetan Singing Bowl Is Also Used For:
Holistic healing,
Chakra balancing,
Stress reduction,
Intercultural music

*The sound of the bells produce a centering effect that creates a balancing synchronization between the left and right sides of the brain. Meditating on the subtle tones and sound of the Tibetan Singing Bowl tunes one into the Universal Connection, that is within one‘s self and without.

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Chanting deepens the practice of yoga and elevates the consciousness. Chanting is the Yoga of the mind.
Chanting is essentially logging onto the timeless technology of our ancient seers. They devised certain compositions using ancient sounds from the Sanskrit language.

Each Sanskrit letter has a sound, which relates to a specific subtle energy center (chakra) in our subtle bodies. Sanskrit chanting activates subtle energy centers. Sanskrit chants are known to have soothing and healing effects on the human mind and body, leading to calmness.

There is a great benefit in group chanting as well.  As we sit together in one place, we have different thoughts. But, when we start chanting, there is one thought and one rhythm in all our minds. All minds become one. This oneness creates a profound energy that enlivens us.

Chanting, when done in the proper manner, allows all other senses to dissolve into one, and allows the mind to sync into itself. Chanting can be considered as the yoga of the mind.

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Tibetan Singing Bowls & Chanting – The ancient brain entrainment methodology for healing and meditation

The medical director of the Deepak Chopra center in California, Dr. David Simon, found that the sound from Tibetan Singing Bowls as well as chanting are chemically metabolized into ’endogenous opiates’, that act on the body as internal painkillers and healing agents.

Sound Healing expert, Diáne Mandle states that Tibetan Singing Bowls don’t only affect a great deal of physical healing but also have far-reaching implications that occur on emotional and spiritual levels. It is a regenerative process married to a spiritual awakening that can have profound consequences on illness, disease, and all aspects of our lives.

Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used for centuries for healing and meditation purposes. They create a range of sounds to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of diseased and out-of-harmony parts of the body, mind and soul.

The sounds generated by Tibetan Singing Bowls are a type of energy medicine that promote healing from stress disorders, pain, depression, and most forms of dis-ease.

Healing processes are initiated through entraining our brainwaves to synchronise with the perfect resonance of the bowls. Unique tones create the perfect state for deep meditation, creative thinking and intuitive messages.

The pure sonic waves that ring from Tibetan Singing Bowls wake up our ability to hear with more than our ears. We feel the sound Tibetan Singing Bowls as much as we take it in with our ears.

Sound Healing expert, Diáne Mandle states that Tibetan Singing Bowls don’t only affect a great deal of physical healing but also have far-reaching implications that occur on emotional and spiritual levels. It is a regenerative process married to a spiritual awakening that can have profound consequences on illness, disease, and all aspects of our lives.

In fact, mainstream medical teaching facilities like Duke University and the University of North Carolina have added programs that link body, mind and spirit to the treatment of cancer. Cancer prevention centers are utilizing sound as a vital part of the healing process for patients with astounding results.

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What is the science behind Mantra chanting?

There are a number of different “sciences” behind mantric chanting. Some of these are the “hard” science—physics, psycho-acoustics, etc. Some of these are spiritual sciences such as the different yogic practices that work with sound. I write about many of them in Healing Sounds.

On one level, one can see that mantric chanting, as observed years ago by Dr. Herbert Benson, helps induce the “relaxation” response, causing reduction of heart beat, brain waves and respiration. On another level, as Dr. David Shananoff-Khalsa believes, mantric recitation enables the tongue to stimulate the acupuncture meridians inside the mouth (particularly on the roof), thus enhancing help. Dr. Ranjie Singe found that the chanting of specific mantras caused the release of the hormone melatonin and is investigating the importance of this in the healing process. He has found that there are many benefits including shrinkage of tumors and enhanced sleep because of this. He writes about this in his book Powerful Self Healing Techniques.

It’s also been found that self created sounds such as chanting will cause the left and right hemispheres of the brain to synchronize. Such chanting will also help oxygenate the brain, reduce our heart rate, blood pressure and assist in creating calm brainwave activity. In addition, listening to certain chants has great beneficial effects.

Dr. Alfred Tomatis has utilized the sounds of Gregorian Monks to stimulate the ears, brain and nervous systems of clients. His work is very important with regard to the scientific and medical uses of sound and chant. He found that certain sounds that are particularly high in vocal harmonics will stimulate and charge the cortex of the brain and the nervous system. Some years ago, there was a very popular recording of Gregorian chanting that occurred just when this research was being made public. I know that many other types of chanting from different traditions have very similar effects. These are just a few of the hard physical phenomenon of mantric chanting that have been observed. There certainly are others, as well.

Some believe that the recitation of sacred mantras actually causes the physical and etheric bodies to change their vibrational frequency level-becoming more attuned if you like, with divine energy. Thus, when one chants a mantra for an extended period of time, to invoke, for example some deity, the higher energies of that deity will encode itself upon the chanter. This is one purpose for much mantric chanting—to become one and unite with the energy of the deity that one is chanting for. If the person has some sickness or imbalance, this imbalance can frequently be released by having the energy of the deity encode itself upon the person. This actually comes from the concept of vibrational (as opposed to allopathic) medicine, which is the basis of many healing modality, including homeopathy and acupuncture—that all the universe including our bodies, is simply made of vibration—a concept, incidentally, that the new Superstring theory of physics supports. Everything is in a state of vibration and when we are in a natural, resonant vibration, we are in a state of health. But if some part of the body begins to vibrate at a counter frequency, the energy becomes stuck and disease sets in. Therefore, by mantric chanting, one can cause stuck energy to become released, and we can return to our natural state of resonance, effecting a cure.

I have, incidentally, observed this phenomenon many times during workshops. We will be reciting a mantra to invoke a specific entity—perhaps Tara, Tibetan Goddess of Compassion for example, in order to better embody the energy of compassion. However, during and after the process, I’ve seen people with chronic health problems emerge from the chanting quite healthy. It’s amazing.

There are of course, actual healing mantras as well as specific mantras to balance and align the chakras. The Bija Mantras are an example of this. We work with these in workshop and healings will also occur due to the balancing and alignment of the chakras. Chakras are the energetic wheels of light that transduce subtle energy into the body. They come from the Hindu tradition, but as my book Healing  Sounds notes, they are found in almost all of the esoteric traditions on the planet. Psychic and mystics from all different spiritual paths can sense—see, feel or hear these energy centers. We may not yet have scientific equipment that can adequately detect the chakras, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. And incidentally, the equipment to measure chakras is actually being perfected, so it is just a matter of time before the scientific and medical communities will acknowledge the chakras, as they are beginning to acknowledge acupuncture meridians.

There are 7 main chakras. For over 20 years, I have studied the use of sound to effect the chakras. It’s quite powerful—mantras are particularly effective at creating this of the chakras. Thus, one can use Bija mantric chanting as a preventative tool, or to help assist an imbalance.

1 Hour Sacred Chanting and Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation Music

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The Incredible Healing Effects Of Tibetan Singing Bowls

It might come as a shock, but there are real reasons Singing Bowls have been used for centuries.
Turns out they’re not just for fun! Their whole purpose is to restore vibratory frequencies of the body, mind, and soul that are out-of-harmony and diseased. The sounds they emit work as a type of energy medicine that has been known to heal pain, depression, and stress disorders.

Interestingly, the healing process works by training the brain waves so as to synchronize with the sounds of the bowl. These unique tones emitted will prepare you for deep meditation, intuitive messages, as well as creative thinking. For those who have tried this technique before, you know the sonic waves emitted by these bowls awaken our ability to hear much more than what we would normally. As we listen to these sounds, we tend to feel them just as much as we hear them.

The director of Medical Oncology and Integrative Medicine at the Cornell Cancer Prevention Center in New York, Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, says,

“If we accept that sound is vibration and we know that vibration touches every part of our physical being, then we understand that sound is heard not only through our ears but through every cell in our bodies. One reason sound heals on a physical level is because it so deeply touches and transforms us on the emotional and spiritual planes. Sound can redress imbalances on every level of physiologic functioning and can play a positive role in the treatment of virtually any medical disorder.”

So with all this interest, it begs the question: How exactly do these Singing Bowls work in the healing process?

In the east, health is looked at much differently than in the west; illness is thought of as a manifestation of disharmony within the body, such as an imbalance in the cells or a given organ. Having said that, since matter is energy that vibrates at different rates, the structure of matter can be changed when you alter the rate of vibration. The body is said to be healthy only when each cell and organ resonates in harmony with the entire body.

What these bowls do is cause the brain to switch to Theta brain wave frequencies that heighten one’s intuition, clarity of mind, as well as deep meditative and peaceful states. This positively affects our nervous system and engages our relaxation reflex while also inhibiting the pain or stress response.

When this alignment occurs, health and healing all come into balance, creating deep harmony within and without. This can easily lead to spontaneous healing. As the great Tibetan master, Bodhisattva Gwalwa Karmapa puts it so finely, these Singing Bowls emit the “sound of the void” which is really the sound of universe.

Given that the science behind this method is slowly being uncovered, modern medicine is just starting to measure as well as validate its ability to heal our body, mind, and soul.