Friday, November 21, 2014

10) Virtue #7 ~ Patience

Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience and that patience can improve life and bring it closer to perfection, if you understand nature and work with it patiently.

Nature exhibits patience in various forms. Considering the growth of seeds into trees- when we plant a seed and water it, it slowly turns into a flower and then into a fruit. The seed had to be planted, watered, and then be given time to grow into what it is meant to be.

Without prior efforts and in absence of planting or watering or the nurturing the seed would not have sprung above the surface. It could not develop into its current form without all that patience, time and efforts.

In order to be able to achieve complete freedom and peace within ourselves - we have to practice patience. Patience is different from waiting. instead we have to do the work first, lay the foundation, plant the seed, make sure the soil is right prepare get ready and then wait for all the elements to come into place before making the right decision that will enable us to live an authentic life, a life filled with love, peace and joy.

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