Monday, November 17, 2014

14) Virtue #11 ~ Self-Control

All the virtues of a enlightened human being is the fruit of the most important virtue – Spiritual Love. If we don’t live in love, it is impossible to express any other virtue.

The most overlooked virtue of all is the virtue of Self-Control. Self-Control is more than resisting sexual temptation, drugs, alcohol, over eating and all other physical temptations. We need self-control to live a life expressing all the other 10 virtues. Self-Control is the tool we use to stop us from doing or thinking wrongly.

If we don’t have self-control, it’s easy to hate a person that did us wrong instead of loving that person and to understand that all wrong people do to you is because of their own pain and suffering. Self-Control enable us to do or say or think the right things.

Without Self-Control we will, Hate instead of Love, be Arrogant instead of Humble, be Cruel instead of Compassionate, be Harsh instead of Kind, be Worried instead of being in Peace, be Sad instead of being Joyful, be Impatient, Unforgiving, be Dishonest and have a Cold Soul instead of being Gentle to people.

To conclude, to live a life radiating all the virtues, we need Love to express it and Self-Control not to do the opposite.

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