Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Living without Regrets but with Reason

How many times do we say “I regret doing that” or “I regret not doing that”. How often do we look back on our lives and thinking “I should have rather done that” or “I wish I didn’t do that”. This way of thinking drags our spirit down, making us feel unhappy and depressed. 

 We can’t help thinking about our past and having regrets, but the secret is to change the way you view your regrets or mistakes. No decision you’ve made is a mistake. The mistakes you’ve made in the past is just a way to change the course of your life. Each one of us has a purpose to fulfill. You might not know what it is yet, but the mistakes we’ve made changed the course of our lives, bringing us closer to fulfill our divine purpose in life. 

 Replace the word “Regret” with “Reason”. When you look back on your past, don’t regret your decisions, but try to discover what the reasons are for those decisions. You will realize that each “mistake” you’ve made has a reason to it. A failed marriage could mean that the person you were with, might have hold you back from the life you were meant to live. That promotion you didn’t get at work, means that it was not meant to be. You have a higher purpose in life – analyze each “mistake” and you’ll find the reason why. 

 Where you are right now is where you are meant to be. Your “mistakes” guided you to where you are now. All the heartache and pain you’ve experienced is the key to your purpose in life. Every disappointment makes us grow stronger, equipping us to help others. See your past as your schooling – the more pain and struggle you experience – the stronger you’ll get to fulfill your purpose.

Remember, nothing happens to you but happens for you. There is a reason why things happened to you and your duty is to discover the reason. 

 There are no regrets, just reasons.

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