Friday, January 30, 2015

Uddeśa Meditation (Discovering the goal of my life)

Uddeśa Meditation is the authentic way of practicing meditation. Right in the beginning man started to meditate to receive the answer to what their goal or purpose in life is. They discovered that by delving into the hidden parts of your mind, you will get the answer to the most important question in life, what is my purpose and what is the reason for my existence.  

They realized by knowing your purpose and then making your purpose the primary goal in your life, all worries, stress and unhappiness disappear. Society as we know it today, has forgotten this simple principal of life, that when you do something in your life that’s true to yourself, not something society expects from you, but doing something that fills your whole being with happiness and all the bad emotions that consumes our lives will disappear.

A few thousand years ago man discovered this simple principal, which got lost over time due to the way we live our lives. When you stop pretending to be the person you think people would like you to be or break free from the cancer of accumulating materialistic possessions and start to be your authentic self, all anxieties and unhappiness will be replaced with joy and optimism. By living your purpose, your mind won’t go to that deep dark place of depression, but be filled with thoughts of how lucky you are to live the life you were meant to live.

That is exactly what Uddeśa Meditation will do for you. By practicing it, your mind will be freed from society’s conditioning and you’ll discover your authentic self and receive the answer to what to do with your life. You will get the clarity you need to fulfill your destiny. Just imagine, you will be living the life of your dreams, the life you always wanted for yourself and not what society expected you to live. When you discover your purpose through Uddeśa Meditation, you will experience and incredible sense of freedom, freedom to live your life and freedom to think what you choose to think.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What is the right meditation technique?

There are numerous meditation techniques and practices. 
People meditate to achieve different results. Some meditate to distress, to heal sickness and relief pain, to clear their minds, to find peace and for all other problems we face on a daily basis in our life. There is no right or wrong meditation practice. Meditation is food for the soul and any food is better than no food. But as we know, some foods are better than others. The same applies to meditation, some meditation practices are better than others. So which meditation technique is better than the others?

The best way to answer this question is to go back to the beginning, to the time when meditation started and discover the reasons why mankind started to meditate. Meditation started when man were searching for answers to the meaning of life and the purpose of our existence. They discovered that by clearing your mind and delving into the hidden parts of your mind, you will find the answer to the most important question of Why? The answer to all our questions are revealed to us by allowing our minds to go into a deep meditative state, to clear our mind from our daily desires and problems and opening it to receive guidance from our inner self.

By practicing the original and authentic way of meditation, we will receive clarity and insight into what our purpose is, what the reason is to our existence. By knowing what your purpose in life is and making your purpose the primary objective of your life, your soul will be filled with love, peace and happiness, you will feel complete again. You will be living the life you were meant to live and not just making a living and when your mind is set on your purpose, all unhappiness, depression and anxiety will seem irrelevant.

You won’t be consumed by your own self and all your problems and worries, but you will regain your zest for life. By living your purpose and not surrendering to society’s expectations, you’ll become your authentic self and true happiness can only be obtained when we live a life true to ourselves. And when our lives are filled with happiness, all pain, anxieties and worries will disappear.

Uddeśa Meditation (Sanskrit meaning: The goal of my life ) is the forgotten meditation technique, as each religion changed the aim of meditation to serve their own beliefs and goals. Uddeśa Meditation is the original way of meditation and besides receiving the answer to what your purpose is, you’ll receive all the benefits of all other meditation techniques, because all meditation practices have the same origin, the way meditation was practiced right in the beginning. So with Uddeśa Meditation you’ll reap all the rewards of all the different meditation techniques plus you’ll discover what life you’re supposed to live, a life filled with purpose and happiness.

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Life of Everlasting Happiness

Everybody long for a life where every day is filled with happiness. To most of us, our happiness is determined by our external circumstances, when things go the way we want it to go or anticipated it to go, then we're happy, but as soon as things don't go our way, our happiness is replaced with anger or disappointment or sadness. Often our happiness is also determined by things out of our control, like the crime rate or the bad economy or by the way we get treated by people. We allow all these external factors to determine our happiness even when have no control over them.

But what you do have control of, is your own happiness. Happiness is a choice, you can choose to be happy or to be unhappy, irrespective of your circumstances. We mostly can't control our circumstances or what bad experiences we might have to endure, but the secret to everlasting happiness is how you react when you're taken out of your comfort zone and things our going wrong for you. You can choose to be unhappy when something bad happens to you or you can choose for it not to steal your joy.

No matter what your circumstances are, unpleasant things will cross your path, things that will have the power to steal your joy. From there the saying "Money can't buy you happiness". Some of the richest people in the world are some of the unhappiest people in the world. That's why it's so difficult to understand why a famous and rich person commits suicide. You'd ask yourself why, they had the world at their feet and could buy everything their heart desired. So you can be happy or unhappy, irrespective if you're rich or poor. So never think more money will make you happy. It most probable will cause you more unhappiness.

Like I've said, happiness is a choice, but that's easier said than done. We need a complete mindset change on how we view or react to our circumstances. When some bad happened to us, it's a waste of time and energy to worry about it. It is what it is and thinking or regretting it, will drain your from your happiness and destroy your karma. And we all know that bad karma creates more bad karma, resulting in more things going wrong for us. We should have a complete attitude adjustment to the way we react to our circumstances and certain situations.

The best way to retain your happiness and optimism through trying times, is to have the mindset of what ever bad is happening to me know will pass. Train your mind to see the positive in any bad situation. Learn from each bad experience, with the knowledge that everything, good or bad, happens for a reason. You might not know why you are going through a bad experience, but in time you'll realize why you had to go through it, because later in your life you'll be faced with a similar situation and you'll be able to deal with it, without losing your happiness.

But the strongest force preventing a bad situation stealing your happiness, is ironically, to help somebody else who is going through a difficult time. You can help other people who are suffering in so many ways, but the most powerful way of helping them is just to be there to lend a sympathetic hear and just encourage them, reminding them that what ever they are going through now won't last, that things will change and that it will go better again. By doing that, you'll empower yourself to deal with any problem that you're experiencing. By helping other people with their problems, you will realize that everybody has problems and most people's situations are worse than yours. It will make you appreciate for what you have and how many people has less than you. This appreciation and thankfulness will enable you to retain your happiness.

In conclusion: To have everlasting happiness - help others through their difficult times and remember that in every dark cloud there is a silver lining, in other words, every bad experience will give birth to more happiness in your life.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Top 5 Free Meditation Centers

If you’re just starting with practicing meditation or even if you’re an experienced  meditator, I’ll recommend you to attend any of the meditation centers below to gain a truly authentic meditation experience.

 You’ll be removed from all earthly possessions and worries and at these centers you’ll have to opportunity to immerse yourself completely into meditation and gain all the benefits of it that will last you a lifetime.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What is wrong with Modern Society and can we fix it?

Modern society as we know it today, got it all wrong. By the conditioning and expectations of society, we lost ourselves. Our lives revolve around materialistic accumulations and instant gratification. Since birth we get conditioned to adhere to the expectations of modern society. So what is wrong with Modern Society?

Modern society is all about money, power and ego. We are taught to measure our self-worth by the quantity and value of our possessions. How successful we are in our professional life, what car we drive, what clothes we wear and where we live are all the things our happiness and self-worth is measured too. The principal of modern society is that the more you have, the happier you would be. This creates and endless cycle of unhappiness – with each possession you acquire or with each job promotion you get, the feeling of accomplishment and happiness is short lived. With each materialistic goal you reach, another one will soon follow, because the previous accomplishment only made you happy for a short time, but if I can own a even better car or house, then I will be happy. And so the cycle repeats itself throughout your life – never reaching the point of complete happiness and peace. Just a daily battle to fill our souls with earthly possessions.
This never ending chase of materialism is the cause of divorce, suicide, depression, stress, anxiety and drug addiction. People living in Modern Society are eternally unhappy because of what society conditioned them to believe as the only way to happiness. People are so far removed from their authentic self because modern society changes people to be superficial and shallow. It turns people into selfish human beings with no love and compassion for each other, because they are all in competition with each other and rejoices in another’s suffering or failure.
People are so conditioned and controlled by society and governments to the point that they lose their humanity and become like robots, doing what they are told to do, believing what they are told to belief. They get numb to their own feelings and to their authentic self. Governments enforce so many laws and regulations on us, that you can’t live a life of freedom. You get stripped from your individualism, you can’t be yourself because your whole existence consists about conforming to these laws and regulations. The result is that you end up with a soulless and selfish population.
There is so much wrong with modern society but enough said about that.
The next question is: "Can we fix these problems"? Without a shadow of doubt the answer is "Yes". All of the above said problems can be resolved. Each and every one of us is born with the inherited virtues of love, peace, joy and compassion, but gets buried underneath years of conditioning and indoctrination by family, friends and society. External influences like television creates an illusion of what life should be about. Through media we get influences to accept what society say is the truth and lose the ability to be our authentic self and live a life of freedom.
But the good news is that this can be reversed, there is a way to re-program our minds, to remove all these lies imprinted into our minds. By applying this method, we will free our minds and discover our authentic self again. The solution is the age old practice of Meditation.
Through the practice of meditation we clear our minds from all external factors and connect with our inner self. Through daily practice we erase all the wrong values instilled in us and re-connect with our core values and virtues. Meditation allows your mind to be calm and awaken beyond thought elaboration and even beyond your sense of self. The daily practice of meditation opens our heart and mind to our true self. It allows you to reconnect with your true self and values. Meditation will cultivate the virtues of love, peace, joy and compassion.
By connecting with your inner self, you will realize what's really important to you and what will truly give you everlasting happiness. You will realize that there is more to life than just the daily grind for materialistic gain. Through meditation we will gain clarity on questions like: Who am I, What is the true purpose of my life, What is my role in this universe, How can I help remove the sufferings of others and How can I make the world a better place to live in. The calming effect of meditation on your mind will stimulate the transformative power and provides you with great conviction and strength to change the course of your life.
Modern society can only change when people change their thinking. When we realize the importance of spirituality in our lives we'll see the world in a completely different way, we will see past all the money, greed and ego and free ourselves from the conditioning of modern society. Our sole focus will change from living a life of materialistic abundance to living a life of spiritual ecstasy.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Different Meditation Practice and how it will Benefit you

There are many different meditation techniques, each one with it’s own purpose and benefit.  Meditative practices have existed for centuries in the east and it’s only in the last few years that western society started to practice meditation. And meditation is the fastest growing spiritual practice in the Western world as people are realizing and experiencing the power of meditation.

Beside a practice for spiritual growth or a way to enlightenment, people also use meditation to find relief from Anxiety and Stress, Depression, Drug and Alcohol addiction, Pain relief to name only a few. Meditation is a tool to utilize to strongest power of all, the Power of the Mind.

The different types of meditation practices can be classified under five categories:

Concentration Meditation

Concentration is at the heart of all the types of meditation practices. In order for us to gain the fruits of meditation, you need to train the mind to concentrate and focus on clearing your mind from all worries, anxieties and all distractions. This allows your mind to be calm and awaken beyond thought elaboration and even beyond your sense of self. Once you achieve this state of mind, you can use it for your own wellness and for the wellness of others.

Reflective Meditation

By practicing Reflective meditation is, you choose a question, theme, or topic and focus your analysis or reflection upon it in order to gain clarity on questions like:  Who am I, What is the true purpose of my life, What is my role in this universe, How can I help remove the sufferings of others and all other questions you have about life. This is one of the most important types of meditation and will have a calming effect on your mind. It stimulates transformative power and provides you with great conviction and strength to change the course of your life.

Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation is one the most powerful and alternative meditation techniques, which lays emphasis on cultivating a highly receptive mindful attention, it helps you to learn to pay attention. Mindfulness meditation helps for pain relief and release us from anxiety and depression.

Heart-Centered Meditation

Heart-centered meditation will help you release all your fears and sadness and bathe in the radiance of loving kindness and compassion. This meditation technique opens our heart chakra and removes any negative energy that exists in you and will fill your whole being with love and compassion. Practicing heart-centered meditation will release the 
11 Virtues of The Way in you and make you feel complete.

Creative Meditation or Visualization

A different type of meditation technique, this form of meditation will enable you to consciously cultivate as well as strengthen different qualities of your mind. It focuses on strengthening qualities, such as appreciation, joy, compassion, patience, empathy, love, gratitude, compassion, humility, fearlessness, and tenderness, among others.

In my next posts I’ll discuss and explain each meditation technique in detail.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Can you live an Authentic life in Modern society?

The answer to this question is more complicated than just a yes or no answer. Firstly you have to define what an authentic life is and secondly what the definition of modern society is.

An authentic life is living a life true to yourself. A life filled with love, peace and joy. A life in which you feel free to be yourself, without the fear of judgment by others. To live and authentic life is the freedom to follow your heart and to live the life that will make you happy.

But to live that life, you firstly need to connect with your inner self. Most people don't take the time or have the time to discover themselves. It's only when you truly know yourself, that will enable you to realize what it is that really makes you happy and at peace. Unfortunately discovering our true selves is not that easy due to the conditioning and influence of modern society. Many people believe that if they had a lot of money, that they'll be happy, because they blame their unhappiness on the lack of money. But nothing can be further from the truth - money can't buy you happiness.

One's happiness is determined by how closely we live to our authentic self. For example if you're an accountant, but your passion is to work at a wildlife sanctuary, you'll be unhappy, even if you earn a good salary. So the secret is to discover your passion and to live it. When you're doing something that fills your heart and soul with happiness, then love and peace will also become part of your life and you'll be moving closer to living your authentic life.

I said "your authentic life", because every one of us has a different passion and purpose. So it's impossible to define an authentic life, because each one of us will find happiness in a different place. But the common denominator is that each one of us will be living an authentic life and by doing so, we'll connect with people on a deeper level because we are at peace with our lives. There is no competition, no envy, just love for each other.

To define modern society is much easier, it is all about money, power and ego. Your self-worth is measured in
materialistic possessions and not by your happiness. You 
are conditioned by modern society's laws and regulations and have no freedom to be yourself. Your whole being and thinking revolves around the expectations of society and these expectations force you to live a life so far from your authentic self, that you forget who you really are, making you loose that connection with your inner self.

In short an authentic life is a living a life that makes you happy because you're following your passion and not the money.
Modern society on the other hand is all about money and materialistic possessions.

This brings us back to the question: "Can you live an authentic life in modern society?" My view is no, you can't. 

Even if you live your passion and what ever you're doing is exactly in accordance with your authentic self, you still need to make money to survive in modern society and money is the barometer of modern society. Eventually you'll succumb to temptation or need of money, even if your doing exactly what your suppose to do, you'll try to figure out a way to make more money with what ever you're doing. So money becomes your deciding factor again and not happiness. And when you're neglecting your happiness for money, you are moving away from your authentic self.

So my view is that you can live an authentic life in modern society, but it will be short lived before you succumb  to
modern society's expectations and influence. So to live and everlasting authentic life, we'll need to remove ourselves
from modern society and live a simple life, where we'll have time to see to other's needs and not just our own self

Monday, January 5, 2015

The Secret to a life filled with Joy and Peace

Most people determine their joy and peace by their circumstances. But our circumstances change almost on a daily basis and as a result of this our emotional well being. Depending on our circumstances we can feel on top of the world or down in the dumps. But there is a way to feel on top of the world every day, irrespective of your circumstances.

The secret to happiness and peace is Meditation. It enables you to change your mindset – not to let your circumstances determine your happiness and peace. There are many things in life that are beyond our control, but it is possible to control our state of mind. Meditation is the most important thing we can do, and it is the only real antidote to our own personal sorrows, and to the anxieties, fears, hatreds, and general confusions that beset the human condition.

Meditation is a means of transforming the mind. Meditation encourages and develops concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and a calm seeing of the true nature of things. With meditation you’ll learn the patterns and habits of your mind, and cultivate new, more positive ways of being. With regular work and patience these nourishing, focused states of mind can deepen into profoundly peaceful and blissful states of mind. Meditation will give you a new understanding of life.

There are countless meditation techniques you can practice with different approaches, but the foundation of all of them, however, is the cultivation of a peaceful and blissful state of mind.

In my next post I’ll discuss the different meditation techniques and which one to follow for your specific needs. So please subscribe to me to receive my very important next post, which will change your life forever.