Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What is wrong with Modern Society and can we fix it?

Modern society as we know it today, got it all wrong. By the conditioning and expectations of society, we lost ourselves. Our lives revolve around materialistic accumulations and instant gratification. Since birth we get conditioned to adhere to the expectations of modern society. So what is wrong with Modern Society?

Modern society is all about money, power and ego. We are taught to measure our self-worth by the quantity and value of our possessions. How successful we are in our professional life, what car we drive, what clothes we wear and where we live are all the things our happiness and self-worth is measured too. The principal of modern society is that the more you have, the happier you would be. This creates and endless cycle of unhappiness – with each possession you acquire or with each job promotion you get, the feeling of accomplishment and happiness is short lived. With each materialistic goal you reach, another one will soon follow, because the previous accomplishment only made you happy for a short time, but if I can own a even better car or house, then I will be happy. And so the cycle repeats itself throughout your life – never reaching the point of complete happiness and peace. Just a daily battle to fill our souls with earthly possessions.
This never ending chase of materialism is the cause of divorce, suicide, depression, stress, anxiety and drug addiction. People living in Modern Society are eternally unhappy because of what society conditioned them to believe as the only way to happiness. People are so far removed from their authentic self because modern society changes people to be superficial and shallow. It turns people into selfish human beings with no love and compassion for each other, because they are all in competition with each other and rejoices in another’s suffering or failure.
People are so conditioned and controlled by society and governments to the point that they lose their humanity and become like robots, doing what they are told to do, believing what they are told to belief. They get numb to their own feelings and to their authentic self. Governments enforce so many laws and regulations on us, that you can’t live a life of freedom. You get stripped from your individualism, you can’t be yourself because your whole existence consists about conforming to these laws and regulations. The result is that you end up with a soulless and selfish population.
There is so much wrong with modern society but enough said about that.
The next question is: "Can we fix these problems"? Without a shadow of doubt the answer is "Yes". All of the above said problems can be resolved. Each and every one of us is born with the inherited virtues of love, peace, joy and compassion, but gets buried underneath years of conditioning and indoctrination by family, friends and society. External influences like television creates an illusion of what life should be about. Through media we get influences to accept what society say is the truth and lose the ability to be our authentic self and live a life of freedom.
But the good news is that this can be reversed, there is a way to re-program our minds, to remove all these lies imprinted into our minds. By applying this method, we will free our minds and discover our authentic self again. The solution is the age old practice of Meditation.
Through the practice of meditation we clear our minds from all external factors and connect with our inner self. Through daily practice we erase all the wrong values instilled in us and re-connect with our core values and virtues. Meditation allows your mind to be calm and awaken beyond thought elaboration and even beyond your sense of self. The daily practice of meditation opens our heart and mind to our true self. It allows you to reconnect with your true self and values. Meditation will cultivate the virtues of love, peace, joy and compassion.
By connecting with your inner self, you will realize what's really important to you and what will truly give you everlasting happiness. You will realize that there is more to life than just the daily grind for materialistic gain. Through meditation we will gain clarity on questions like: Who am I, What is the true purpose of my life, What is my role in this universe, How can I help remove the sufferings of others and How can I make the world a better place to live in. The calming effect of meditation on your mind will stimulate the transformative power and provides you with great conviction and strength to change the course of your life.
Modern society can only change when people change their thinking. When we realize the importance of spirituality in our lives we'll see the world in a completely different way, we will see past all the money, greed and ego and free ourselves from the conditioning of modern society. Our sole focus will change from living a life of materialistic abundance to living a life of spiritual ecstasy.

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