Sunday, March 22, 2015

Each one of us has our own heaven

The statement of “This is Heaven on Earth” carries so much meaning. It describes a place where we would like to be for the rest of our life here on earth, a place where we feel at peace and fill our hearts with happiness and love. For this reason, each one of us has our own heaven, because we all have a different place where we’ll feel it’s heaven for us. Some people’s heaven is music, others working with animals or some people helping the poor and the sick and the needy. In other words, whatever your passion is, is your heaven.

Your heaven is doing something or being at a place where it just feels right. It something you love to do, without thinking about getting paid for it, something you’d do even if there is no monetary compensation. Unfortunately very few people discover their heaven, we all long for it and think about what we’d really like to do, but never actually live the life that we wish for. We get so consumed by our daily lives and just making a living and we don’t take the time out to enter our heaven.

To be truly happy, you have to take time-out from your normal life, remove yourself from all distractions and influences and just have time to search and discover our heaven. Re-discover what you are passionate about, because your passion is your heaven. The only way to discover your heaven is through the authentic meditation technique of Uddesa Meditation. Subscribe below to receive your free Uddesa Medation Step by Step Guide and discover your heaven.

Have a Blissful day and go in Peace

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  1. I really enjoy reading what you write. I have had what I feel has been one of the hardest years ever and your site came to me at just the right time.
    Always inspiring and helpful. Thank you for sharing yourself with the rest of us.

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