Friday, October 7, 2016

Benefits of Meditating or doing Yoga in Nature

You might be wondering what benefits you can derive from meditating in an all-natural outdoor environment. Here are some of them:
• Stress reduction.
The study published in the Biological Psychiatry Journal found that subjects who practiced true mindfulness meditation had a significant reduction in Interleukin-6, a biomarker that is linked to unhealthy inflammation in the body. This biomarker is normally found in high levels among stressed individuals. This means that meditation can help to reduce your stress levels and allow you to get on a more even keel.
• Increased well-being.
Being out in nature has been found to have a relaxing effect on people. The fresh-air, peace and silence seduces you into a state of well-being, allowing you to let go of the stresses of modern life, even if it’s only for a few minutes.
• A sharper mind.
Meditating out in natural surroundings helps you to train your mind to only focus on the moment. Everything else falls away as you concentrate on breathing and experiencing nature. You can clear your mind and train yourself to only live in the now. Eventually your attention span improves as your mind becomes sharper.
• Increase in positive energy.
The simple act of spending time outdoors increases positive energy in your body. Combine this with yoga or other meditation practices and you are sure to experience reduced anxiety, depression and aggression.
But what do you do if it’s impossible to be in nature on a daily basis?

A very effective alternative is to watch videos of nature scenes and hearing natural sounds. It creates the illusion in your mind that you are in nature, which leads to your brain releasing the hormone Serotonin – the “Feel Good Hormone”.  Feel free to use this video to create a natural environment at home to practice meditation and yoga.

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