Saturday, October 1, 2016

Zen ~ The Ultimate way to Live Life

Zen has an individual “essence”, an essence that speaks directly to us. Zen speaks of intuitive wisdom which we all have deep within us.
We may not have practiced or studied Zen, meditation, or even be completely familiar with Zen, but the wisdom it speaks resonates with us because it’s in line with the way we feel that we should live our lives.
So what does it mean to actually live with the spirit of Zen?
“One obvious answer is- through Zen. Not necessarily Zen Buddhism but Zen in its broad sense of a one-pointed aware mind; of a disciplined life of simplicity and naturalness as against a contrived and artificial one; of a life compassionately concerned with our own and the world’s welfare and not self-centered and aggressive. A life, in short, of harmony with the natural order of things and not in constant conflict with it.”
Here is a simple interpretation of the previous paragraph:
~With the energy of mindfulness – Fully aware, alive in each moment, with a single-  pointed awareness. If we’re cleaning, we’re fully present for the act of cleaning; if we’re with our loved ones, we’re fully present for them; if we’re relaxing at home, we’re simply relaxing and not letting the events of the day or worries of the future cloud our mind and distract us.
~Simply and naturally – Understanding that less is more and being aware of how this affects the state of our mind as well as accepting things fully as they come or “going with the flow of things” so to speak (among other things).
~Compassionately and lovingly – Concerned for our own well-being as well as the well-being of all other beings together as one, ultimately understanding how we’re all interconnected.

In short: Living a Zen life, is living a life of simplicity and allowing yourself to listen to your inner voice which will guide you to a life filled with happiness and love.
Enjoy this video of soothing Zen music combined with the peaceful visual of falling snow:

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