Saturday, November 19, 2016

Incredible Therapeutic Benefits of White Noise

White noise is an incredibly effective sound-source for encouraging deeply relaxed states of consciousness and it has a number of therapeutic benefits. The benefits of white noise are many and varied, but all of them relate to improving mental clarity, and enhancing relaxation.

Just as white light is the aggregation of all visible light frequencies, white noise is the sound that is produced when all possible sound frequencies. The sound of falling rain, the soothing sound of ocean waves or the sound of a flowing river, are three of the best examples of natural white noise. They are deeply hypnotic and profoundly relaxing. White noise absorbs your attention but without stimulating a strong emotional response. In this way, the soothing sound of white noise can help to sweep away mental clutter and leave you with a quiet mind.

This idea of absorbing the attention of the listener, but without overstimulating them, is one of the most important principles of white noise.

Enjoy the full benefit of white noise by watching this video to experience the full therapeutic benefit of the sounds of rain, ocean waves and flowing river.

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