Saturday, November 26, 2016

When to use White Noise: As a Sleeping Aid

Our lives are busy and buzzing and can give to some of us a hard time to wind down at the end of the day. One third of American adults suffer from sleep deprivation. A lack in sleep has a negative impact on your mood (higher irritability), your immune system (loss in ability to fight off infection) and your brain. Your ability to concentrate, to take in new information or to make critical decisions is highly reduced.
White noise is therefore often used as sleeping aid, helping you fall asleep and preventing that you’re getting disturbed by other noises. As specialist in sleep disorders Thomas Roth, PhD, puts it: “It’s the inconsistency of sound or silence that’s disruptive”.
Another interesting aspect is, that our brains naturally crave for sensory input, says Ralph Pascualy, MD, and thus white noise both blocks out disruptive sounds and provides just enough noise to secure a good night’s sleep.

Come and explore the benefits of white noise by listening to the 3 most powerful natural white noise sounds in the universe, namely: Falling Rain, Waterfall Sounds and Breaking Waves. Discover how the synchronized natural white noise sound of these three forces can help you.

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