Saturday, November 26, 2016

When to use White Noise: During Work

One of the biggest issues that employees encounter in their work environment is noise.
No matter if you’re working from a cubicle, from the newly designed open office plan or from your local co-working space. Disturbance by loud co-workers, general office noise or noise caused by incoming notifications from various devices have a tremendous negative impact on your productivity.
Listening to white noise through your headphones can effectively block out your co-workers and any other annoying noises in order to restore your privacy and create an environment of peace and calm where you can focus on your tasks.

Come and explore the benefits of white noise by listening to the 3 most powerful natural white noise sounds in the universe, namely: Falling Rain, Waterfall Sounds and Breaking Waves. Discover how the synchronized natural white noise sound of these three forces can help you.

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