Friday, April 28, 2017

Using Tibetan Singing Bowls to induce a Meditative state

Ancient Tibetan Singing Bowls have been used for centuries to deepen meditative states and alter consciousness. The harmonies and overtones that the Tibetan Singing Bowls produce, interact with a person's Body, Mind, and Spirit allowing a deep sense of peace and wellbeing. The benefit of an alternate state of consciousness is that when the brain is responding to the Theta Waves (a frequency which the bowls resonate) the Body, Mind, as well as the Spirit consciously reacts in sympathetic resonance,  thus allowing the body systems to become wholly aligned with the harmonious effects of these higher vibrational frequencies.

Whether you’re an experienced meditator or just embarking on your journey of discovering the wonderful world of meditation, using the Tibetan Singing Bowls to induce a Meditative state, will greatly enhance your meditation experience. The video below captures the pure sound of the singing bowls and you’re welcome to use this video for your daily meditation practice.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Christianity and Meditation

“Prayer is when you talk to God
Meditation is when you listen to God”
Diana Robinson

The Bible encourages meditation. Scripture uses two different Hebrew words to convey the idea of meditation, and together they are used fifty-eight times in the Bible. There is nothing wrong with meditating. It is a sound practice. There is nothing wrong with listening to God.

Tibetan Singing Bowls are an ancient brainwave entrainment tool that helps to quiet the mind. Because of the way that Tibetan bowls are made, they naturally resonate at multiple frequencies. This leads to the very apparent “beats” or waverings in the sound when the bowl is played. These wavering sounds entrain the brainwaves and calm the mind.
Listen to the Tibetan Singing Bowls in this video to quiet and calm your mind for an enriching meditation experience.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Words of Wisdom: Dealing with problems

Tibetan Singing Bowls are an ancient brainwave entrainment tool that help to quiet the mind. Because of the way that Tibetan bowls are made, they naturally resonate at multiple frequencies. This leads to the very apparent “beats” or waverings in the sound when the bowl is played. These wavering sounds entrain the brainwaves and calm the mind.
Listen to the Tibetan Singing Bowls in this video to quiet and calm your mind for an enriching meditation experience.

The Answer to Life's Challenges and Problems

“When facing life’s challenges and problems,
we stare into a mirror and all we see is the
problem staring back at us.
The secret is to close your eyes and quiet
your mind and you’ll see the solution behind
the mirror.” – Tobias

Tibetan Singing Bowls are an ancient brainwave entrainment tool that help to quiet the mind. Because of the way that Tibetan bowls are made, they naturally resonate at multiple frequencies. This leads to the very apparent “beats” or waverings in the sound when the bowl is played. These wavering sounds entrain the brainwaves and calm the mind.
Listen to the Tibetan Singing Bowls in this video to quiet and calm your mind for an enriching meditation experience.

Friday, April 21, 2017

The world's best kept secret: The Secret Healing Powers of the Tibetan Singing Bowls

The world’s best kept secret: The Secret Healing Powers of the Tibetan Singing Bowls
For centuries, the Tibetan people have practiced sound healing and consciousness transformation with a musical instrument known as a “singing bowl.” Modern science now reveals the healing secrets of these mystical metal bowls. The resonance produced by these hand-crafted bowls can measurably improve human immune function, lower heart rate and blood pressure, soothe pain in cancer patients, and drastically reduce stress levels. Indeed, the bowls dissipate stress to such a tremendous degree that the body becomes a perfect receptacle of deep healing.

Physical Healing through the Power of Sound

According to Shaman’s Drum magazine, shamanistic cultures use sound and chanting to induce trance states conducive to healing. The tones of Tibetan singing bowls synchronize sentient brain waves and create a therapeutic effect on the mind and body.

Diane Mandle, a certified sound healer in California, plays Tibetan singing bowls for clients to relieve their pain and stress. “I work with different patterns of sacred geometry, cellular anchoring that creates a path to memory of well-being,” she says. “Eventually, over a series of weeks, that pattern becomes hard-wired in the brain.”

Mandle’s clients describe intense healing experiences with the singing bowls. “Something profound happened,” says Laura Gallerstein. “I felt a breakthrough, like something really shifted inside me and I had clarity.” Another individual reported a pulse that dropped from above 80 to 68 after a singing bowl “concert.”

Michael Verilli, an osteopathic physician from Northampton, Massachusetts, describes how his stress and anxiety disappeared completely in response to the singing of the bowl.

“I relaxed into a profound sense of inner calm, peace, and oneness which I know to be the essential core of my living as a human being, and a true experience of deep inner healing,” Dr. Virilli says. “From this experience, I am convinced that the Tibetan singing bowls are an essential part of sound healing and an extremely valuable tool in integrative medicine today, especially for the healing of stress and for pain relief.”

Sound Healing: Profound Effects for Stress, Pain, Immunity, and Cancer Recovery

Science stands behind the effects of therapeutic sound. Dr. David Simon, medical director of the Deepak Chopra center in California, found that sound vibrations from Tibetan bowls is chemically metabolized into “endogenous opiates.” These substances act on the body as internal painkillers and healing opiates.

Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, director of medical oncology and integrative medicine at the Strang-Cornell Cancer Prevention Center in New York, was introduced to singing bowls by a Tibetan monk patient.

Dr. Gaynor soon began using the bowls and other sound therapies to help his cancer patients — whether to relieve the stress and shock of diagnosis or to soothe the pain associated with chemotherapy and other treatments.

Dr. Gaynor has also conducted extensive research on how singing bowls can stimulate healing. Evidence suggests that the tones of the bowls stimulate physiological immunity.

“Sound can actually change our immune system,” explains Dr. Gaynor. “Our Interluken-1 level, which is an index of our immune system, goes up between 12 ½ and 15% after Gregorian chanting or listening to certain forms of music. And after listening to this music for 20 minutes, our immunoglobin levels in our blood are significantly increased.”

According to Dr. Gaynor, therapeutic sound affects our bodies on a cellular and sub-cellular level. “There is not an organ system in our body that is not affected by sound, music, and vibration,” he says. “Sound can help people who are sick, especially cancer patients.”
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Make listening to the Tibetan Singing Bowls part of your daily routine to experience the full benefit of their secret healing powers, by watching the video below on a daily basis.

Monday, April 17, 2017

6 Ways to Benefit from Relaxation Meditation Music

1. Reducing Stress
Listening to soothing music that relaxes your body and elevates your mind can significantly reduce how much stress you feel. Relaxation music helps you connect to your inner peace. When you quiet your thoughts and feel your source of peace within.

2. Easier and Deeper Meditation
Listening to relaxation music helps to quiet the mind, allowing you to enter into the place of deep stillness and inner peace that meditation brings.

3. More Fulfilling Yoga
To get the most out of Yoga, you need to slow down your breathing and stay in the present moment. Relaxation music helps your mental chatter fade effortlessly away and you will find that you are able to reach each pose more deeply and hold them longer. Yoga then becomes a more enjoyable and more fulfilling experience.

4. Relax Your Body
Whether you're enjoying an acupuncture treatment, a deep massage, a Reiki session or sitting quietly in a garden or in nature, you will benefit more when you are deeply relaxed. Listening to relaxing music can help you let go and surrender to relaxation, it can inspire you as well, resulting in a deeper experience.

5. Healing and Renewal
It has been proven that when the body and mind are relaxed, the body's natural ability to heal itself is greatly enhanced. By listening to deeply relaxing music, you can assist your body to release its healing powers. Studies have shown positive benefits when patients listen to relaxing music before and after surgery.

6. Balance Your Life
In these busy times, it can be difficult to create a sense of balance in our lives. By listening to relaxation music, you can create a zone of peace that allows you to experience each day from a place of alignment with your true nature. 

By listening to the relaxing meditation music in the video below while observing a glorious sunrise over the ocean, you'll experience these 6 benefits as discussed above:

Friday, April 14, 2017

The Universal Truth that lies at the Heart of all Religion and Philosophy

Jesus Christ said “The Kingdom of Heaven lies within”(Luke17:21). He spoke a universal truth of love and peace, which lies at the heart of all Religion and indeed all Philosophy.

He didn’t come to teach religion, but a new way of living, living a life filled with Love and Peace, which is the foundation on which all religions are built on. And the only way to enter this heaven within you is through prayer or meditation.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Experience the untapped power of Meditation

What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday,
and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow.
Our life is the creation of our mind.

Suffering is due to our disconnection with the inner soul.
Meditation is establishing that connection.

Life is a mystery – mystery of beauty, bliss and divinity.
Meditation is the art of unfolding that mystery.

Meditate, Visualize and Create your own reality and the
universe will reflect it back to you.

The video below is a guide to get you started with your meditation practice
and journey to eternal Joy, Peace and Love.

Monday, April 10, 2017

The Benefits of Guided Meditation

In our frantic modern world, meditation is becoming more and more popular as people search for ways to relax, de-stress, accelerate their spiritual development and enhance their quality of life.
It's really no surprise that meditation is becoming so common nowdays, as it has so many positive benefits to offer.
One of the easiest ways to experience the overall benefits of meditation is to listen to a guided meditation. In this article, I will focus specifically on the benefits that guided meditation can bring to you, starting with everyone's favourite...

It's Effortless!
Meditation is an incredibly enjoyable, healthy and inspiring way to achieve inner peace, and guided meditations are, quite simply, the easiest way to meditate.
Traditional unguided meditation techniques, while wonderful in their own way, do require some effort on your part. It's your job to keep your mind focused and as clear as possible. But with guided meditation, you are guided into a state of meditation by spoken word guidance. Your guide will literally walk you through the process step by step.
Can you think of anything more effortless and relaxing than listening to tranquil music while you are guided into a state of deep meditation?
Guided meditation is not only easy, it is also a very powerful tool for personal development.

Meditation plus visualization:
The awesome power behind guided meditations
Where guided meditations get really interesting is in the way that they utilize the power of your imagination and the power of visualization to effect positive personal changes. This is one of the main benefits of guided meditation, and in this regard, guided meditations are even more powerful than traditional, passive meditation.

Visualization, or creative visualization as it is sometimes referred to, is the use of mental imagery to effect positive changes in your life. Visualization techniques are now widely employed in many fields such as the arts, sports, business, alternative medicine, religious practices, psychotherapy and self-improvement.
As Denis Waitley, coach to both Olympic champions and Apollo astronauts once said:

"The mind cannot tell the difference between an actual,
 ‘real-life’ event and a vividly imagined one."

Guided meditations help you to vividly imagine positive experiences that represent, either directly or symbolically, whatever changes you wish to express in your life.
During a guided meditation you are in such a deep state of relaxation that the imagery you are guided to visualize becomes very vivid indeed. Immersing yourself in a guided meditation while listening to positive suggestions is a blissful experience that results in real and immediate benefits. You’ll feel better; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Of course, different people have different goals and needs, and with that in mind, guided meditations can be tailored to achieve specific outcomes such as:

• Improving clarity in life
• Spiritual development
• Experiencing elation, freedom and expanded awareness
• Emotional and physical healing
• Enhancing creativity
• Profoundly deep relaxation
• Increasing confidence and personal empowerment
• Opening the heart and healing relationships
• Curing negativity or self defeating behaviours
• Improving performance in business or sports
• Resolving psychological difficulties

A well crafted guided meditation often includes positive suggestions and positive visualizations that cause you to have an inner experience of the changes you are seeking to realize in your outer life.
Why is this so important? Let’s allow The Buddha to answer that question for us:

"The mind is everything.
What you think you become."

Guided meditations help you to achieve a state of deep inner stillness, so that your mind can be cleared of clutter and unwanted thoughts, and then filled with vivid visualization experiences that effect positive personal changes.
Particularly well crafted guided meditations may also make use of symbolic imagery, so as to connect with the deeper, more abstract levels of your mind in an effort to encourage profound healing and personal development breakthroughs. (Courtesy of:
Feel free to watch and share this video and experience the enlightening benefits of guided meditation.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The incredible Chanting Sound effects of Ancient Temples ~ Discover the lost secret of Malta’s Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni Temple

Six-thousand-year-old ancient temples are giving up acoustic clues for modern scientists. Intriguing new research on ancient temples in Malta and highlighted by the Old Temples Study Foundation.
"We may be hitting on one of those 'lost secrets'," says Linda Eneix, President of The OTS Foundation, dedicated to archaeology research and education related to the ancient temples of Mediterranean Malta.
Located south of Sicily, the islands of Malta and Gozo are home to megalithic structures that were created by a highly developed people more than a thousand years ahead of Stonehenge and the pyramids.
A consortium called The PEAR Proposition: Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research are pioneers in the field of archaeo-acoustics, merging archaeology and sound science. Directed by Physicist Dr. Robert Jahn, the PEAR group set out in 1994 to test acoustic behavior in megalithic sites such as Newgrange and Wayland's Smithy in the UK. They found that the ancient chambers all sustained a strong resonance at a sound frequency between 95 and 120 hertz: well within the range of a low male voice.
In subsequent OTSF testing, stone rooms in ancient temples in Malta were found to match the same pattern of resonance, registering at the frequency of 110 or 111 hz. This turns out to be a significant level [right] for the human brain. Whether it was deliberate or not, the people who spent time in such an environment were exposing themselves to vibrations that impacted their minds.
Sound scientist, Prof. Daniel Talma of the University of Malta explains: "At certain frequencies you have standing waves that emphasize each and other waves that de-emphasize each other. The idea that it was used thousands of years ago to create a certain trance -- that's what fascinates me."
Dr. Ian A. Cook of UCLA and colleagues published findings in 2008 of an experiment in which regional brain activity in a number of healthy volunteers was monitored by EEG through different resonance frequencies.
Findings indicated that at 110 hz the patterns of activity over the prefrontal cortex abruptly shifted, resulting in a relative deactivation of the language center and a temporary switching from left to right-sided dominance related to emotional processing. People regularly exposed to resonant sound in the frequency of 110 or 111 hz would have been "turning on" an area of the brain that bio-behavioral scientists believe relates to mood, empathy and social behavior.
Watch this video to experience the chanting sound effect recorded in Malta’s Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni: