Saturday, July 15, 2017

Mystery and Origin of “Aum/OM” Mantra

Mystery and Origin of “Aum/OM” Mantra:

Albert Einstein once said,”Anyone who becomes seriously involved in the pursuit of science
becomes convinced that there is a spirit manifest in the laws of the universe — a spirit vastly
superior to man.”  This spirit is consciousness and omniscient. The universe is alive and we, the humans on this earth, are part of it.

“Aum” or “Om” chant (Mantra) is considered to be the primordial sound of the creation and it is thought that all languages emanates from this initial sound vibration, then world’s oldest language Sanskrit can clinch the title by expressing it in the symbol and in words through its Vedas and religious texts.

All Sanskrit mantras (sacred sound prayers) in India
begin with “Aum” or “Om”, and a meditating yogis or Shramanas may attest to the power of “Aum” or “Om” without any hesitation. Those who are involved in the technique of advanced meditation as practiced by an experienced yogi or meditating monks probably describes the power of Chanting Om mantra and many experts and teachers are said to believe that it activate the entire nervous system.

Ancient sages and seers had conquered this technique
and were able to see the past, present and future. The omniscient Mahavira, Buddha, Christ and many sages and seers have claimed that they can see past, present and future. In order to see past, present and future, one has to break the time and space barriers.

The references of “time travel” are found in various ancient texts of India but not taken seriously. An advanced meditation Practitioner achieves the “Transcendental Meditation stage” where their spiritual awakening reaches to the highest level so Saul or spirit develops the power to
leave the body or reenter the body at the will, thus freeing itself and breaks the barrier of time and space, and see and hear the things that ordinary mortal cannot. (Courtesy of: Bipin Shah)

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Divine Healing Frequency of Ancient Temples, Healing with Sound at 110Hz

Paul Devereux is a professor from Cambridge and an archaeo-acoustician who researches the area of archaeology and acoustics and who has visited ancient sites and temples analyzing the ritual use of sound.  He has also explores what happens to the brain when it is exposed to the frequency of 110Hz.  

Findings of MRI scans suggest that at exactly 110hz, the brain switches off the prefrontal cortex, deactivating the language center, and temporary switches from left to right-sided dominance, that is responsible for intuition, creativity, holistic processing, inducing a state of meditation or a trance. 

The Maltese Hypogeum is a temple hewn out of the rock during 3600-2500BC that covers some 500m2 with the lowest room being around 11 meters under the ground, mirroring Temples above the ground that are the oldest free standing structures on Earth. 

Testing that analyzed the sound within the Oracle Chamber in the Hypogeum found to match the same pattern of resonance at the frequency of 110Hz

Seven thousand years ago, a thousand years before the Egyptian pyramids, in the Mediterranean, in Malta, an amazing civilization seemed to be flourishing in peace and harmony for 2,500 years. 
They built the Maltese Megalithic Temples, had an advance knowledge not only of architecture but of sound rituals that induce a trance-like meditation or higher state of consciousness.  

Descending into the Hypogeum, one can re-connect with this culture that used overtone chanting, unearthly, angelic singing, bell ringing, singing balls, and drums to reach altered states of consciousness. These sacred musical rituals found their place in religions all around the world: within Christian Mass singing, Tibetan or Buddhist chanting, Hindu devotional songs.
The sound resonates through the bones within the Hypogeum.
The sound ritual was used to lead ‘devotees’ into trance-like meditation, increasing their emotional and social intelligence. 
Today, various studies suggest that the long-term practice of meditation sculpt the brain towards more patient, emotionally balanced, and creative individuals.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Why listening to AUM chanting is the Key to Meditation

How often have you found it difficult to have a deep meditation? There may be times when simply sitting with eyes closed does not help. Or even if we are able to meditate well, we definitely want to enhance our experience. That is when listening to AUM chanting can play an important role.

Listening to AUM chanting is so powerful and help us to move into the inner, silent space effortlessly. The purpose of listening to AUM chanting is to bring silence in the mind. When that happens, we find it easier to meditate.

The center core of our existence is bliss, positivity and joy but it is surrounded by a cloud of negative energy. AUM chanting removes this cloud of negativity. Chanting charges up the atmosphere with positive vibrations and in such a space, meditation becomes natural and effortless.

We worry so much about everything in life, but what exactly is worry? It is nothing but a repetitive thought about something in the past or an anxiety about the future. And our mind keeps oscillating between past actions and future events and gets caught up in a swamp of worries. :Listening to AUM chaqnting come to our rescue, save us from continuous botherations and help bring our mind to the present moment. It is then we enjoy a deep experience in meditation.

Although you can start your journey any time of the day, morning time is a good idea. Start with listening to AUM chanting in the video. AUM chanting adds beauty to meditation. Little can be understood about this in words – you truly need to experience it yourself.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

How and Why OM (AUM) chanting transforms your mind

How and Why OM (AUM) chanting transforms your mind
Om is described as the king of all mantras. The Latin omne, which means everything or anywhere, is closely linked to Om. Om consists of a single syllable, and appears very simple at first glance. However, Om is far more complex than any other mantra. The spelling AUM (closely linked to the Christian “Amen”) is often used, and is closer to the pronunciation of the mantra (aaaooouuummm). A is pronounced nasally. If you try to pronounce the letters A-U-M individually, you can clearly feel the vibrations in your body.

The clearer you can make the sounds, the stronger the vibrations. And each of them is like a mantra in itself. Try closing your eyes and focus on the sounds and your body. Then it is easier to notice what is happening inside your body. When you connect with “mmm”, you can feel it in your whole skull, and every tiny blood vessel and nerve in your brain become vitalized. This is why AUM has such a huge impact on your mental state. It also has the ability to modify and even transform your whole mind and thoughts. AUM strengthens your concentration and makes you feel relaxed, and when you are in such a state your brain produces more alpha waves giving you a sense of peace and comfort.

While AUM is the most effective mantra of all, there’s nothing mysterious or occult about it. You already know AUM. Indeed every human on Earth knows AUM, for it is composed of universal sounds that transcend both religious as well as cultural borders. When was the last time you said; aaaa / ahhh, oooo / or ohhh mmmm-hmmm?

AUM is vibrations of the universe, and this is Brahma (creative power). Therefore AUM is sometimes called pranava – it carries or brings the prana, which is the energy of all living things.