Saturday, July 1, 2017

How and Why OM (AUM) chanting transforms your mind

How and Why OM (AUM) chanting transforms your mind
Om is described as the king of all mantras. The Latin omne, which means everything or anywhere, is closely linked to Om. Om consists of a single syllable, and appears very simple at first glance. However, Om is far more complex than any other mantra. The spelling AUM (closely linked to the Christian “Amen”) is often used, and is closer to the pronunciation of the mantra (aaaooouuummm). A is pronounced nasally. If you try to pronounce the letters A-U-M individually, you can clearly feel the vibrations in your body.

The clearer you can make the sounds, the stronger the vibrations. And each of them is like a mantra in itself. Try closing your eyes and focus on the sounds and your body. Then it is easier to notice what is happening inside your body. When you connect with “mmm”, you can feel it in your whole skull, and every tiny blood vessel and nerve in your brain become vitalized. This is why AUM has such a huge impact on your mental state. It also has the ability to modify and even transform your whole mind and thoughts. AUM strengthens your concentration and makes you feel relaxed, and when you are in such a state your brain produces more alpha waves giving you a sense of peace and comfort.

While AUM is the most effective mantra of all, there’s nothing mysterious or occult about it. You already know AUM. Indeed every human on Earth knows AUM, for it is composed of universal sounds that transcend both religious as well as cultural borders. When was the last time you said; aaaa / ahhh, oooo / or ohhh mmmm-hmmm?

AUM is vibrations of the universe, and this is Brahma (creative power). Therefore AUM is sometimes called pranava – it carries or brings the prana, which is the energy of all living things.

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