Monday, July 3, 2017

Why listening to AUM chanting is the Key to Meditation

How often have you found it difficult to have a deep meditation? There may be times when simply sitting with eyes closed does not help. Or even if we are able to meditate well, we definitely want to enhance our experience. That is when listening to AUM chanting can play an important role.

Listening to AUM chanting is so powerful and help us to move into the inner, silent space effortlessly. The purpose of listening to AUM chanting is to bring silence in the mind. When that happens, we find it easier to meditate.

The center core of our existence is bliss, positivity and joy but it is surrounded by a cloud of negative energy. AUM chanting removes this cloud of negativity. Chanting charges up the atmosphere with positive vibrations and in such a space, meditation becomes natural and effortless.

We worry so much about everything in life, but what exactly is worry? It is nothing but a repetitive thought about something in the past or an anxiety about the future. And our mind keeps oscillating between past actions and future events and gets caught up in a swamp of worries. :Listening to AUM chaqnting come to our rescue, save us from continuous botherations and help bring our mind to the present moment. It is then we enjoy a deep experience in meditation.

Although you can start your journey any time of the day, morning time is a good idea. Start with listening to AUM chanting in the video. AUM chanting adds beauty to meditation. Little can be understood about this in words – you truly need to experience it yourself.

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